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Endeavour Academy

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Supporting Transitions

Those with autism can find periods of change very stressful and it is vitally important that we get transitions right for our children and young people.

Transitions to Endeavour Academy

Once it is decided that a child or young person is joining us, we will liaise closely with their current placement and with families to ensure we organise a tailor made transition package. This can involve staff from Endeavour Academy visiting the current provision to see the children or young person and talk to the staff in these settings. Staff can also conduct home visits if this is something the families would like. We can then arrange for the child or young person to visit Endeavour Academy, supported by their current staff. Our staff will prepare photographs and booklets of new staff and rooms at the Academy so children and young people can look at these in their own time.

Transitions from Endeavour Academy

For children leaving us at 19, we will begin to look at transition plans in our Year 9 reviews. We work closely with the young people and their families in researching and looking at provisions and opportunities that may be suitable for the young person’s adult life. The Academy will then ensure that the young person’s curriculum and functional living skills activities are designed to support them towards their adult placement and the Academy 'Family Footings' staff member will liaise with adult social care to arrange placement plan meetings with adult services. 

For those transitioning onto other placements before 19, we will work with the new placement to arrange a suitable transition plan. This can involve visits supported by our staff and social stories to prepare our children or young people for change. We will work closely with families to ensure that they feel fully supported and ready for the move.