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Endeavour Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Resources for Families

Bringing School into the Home 

We encourage all of our families to take part in activities at home to support their child’s learning. We spend time creating these activities to make them fun and engaging, and will support families to take ideas from school back into the home environment. 

Each parent receives a ‘Curriculum Coverage Document’ at the beginning of each term which gives ideas of appropriate activities that complement what is being learned in the Academy. We are always on hand if you would like advice and support about these, just get in touch with any questions or we have an open door policy - please come and see us!

Links and Other Resources

As a family supporting a child with Autism and associated complex needs, we understand how important it is to have links to Information and Support which can benefit you and your child.

We also have a list of Local Activities that you may be interested to explore.