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Endeavour Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Pupil Premium


The focus this academic year will be on:


  • Up-skilling of our frontline staff members. This will take form of training, mentoring
  • Enrichment offer
  • Planned leisure activities
  •  Residential opportunities


Pupil Premium Analysis

                                                                  Summary of spending

The number of pupils increased to 32 in September 2018. The school structure has changed and Endeavour now has 5 classes. Each class has a class teacher, high level teaching assistant and a number of teaching assistants. Two specialised positions became permanent at Endeavour with a part time Speech and Language assistant (two days a week) and an Intensive Interaction practitioner (1 day a week). The Occupational Therapy room relocated to a larger room and new equipment has been purchased to meet pupils’ needs. PPG funding has been used to fund further enhancement of our curriculum offer. Pupils have access to a PE teacher once a week for 1 hour, a Reflexology Therapist once a week (6 hours), a Music Educator for 10 hours a week, a Yoga teacher for 1 hour each week, a Mosaic Artist for 2 hours a week and a Music Therapist for 1 hour a week. In addition to those activities, pupils have access to SEN horse riding sessions (2 hours a week for 4 pupils - 3 are LAC), trampoline sessions in a nearby Rebound Centre (accessed by 2-6 LAC pupils) and a 1 hour climbing session a week (accessed by 2-4 LAC pupils). All enrichment curriculum activities are tailored and chosen specifically to individual pupils in order to meet their sensory, communication, experiential, social and physical needs. These activities are recoded and progress for each pupil is tracked using teacher assessment or therapy report. Tracking pupils’ behaviours also allows us to assess progress and the reports of concerning behaviours in LAC pupils has been reducing steadily. Individual pupil’s reports are available for parents and social care on individual basis.

Outcome for young people
Our PPG spend is tailored to individual need of our young people and outcomes are measured on termly basis. In 2018-2019 our pupils who receive PPG have made a greater progress than pupils with no PPG allowance.