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Endeavour Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Pupil Premium

Endeavour Academy's strategy for Pupil Premium funds for this academic year is as follows:

Pupil Premium (PP) 2016/17
  • Eligible Children: 6
  • Total received: £9,190
Summary of main barriers to achievement
  • Pupils eligible for PP demonstrate a higher level of social and emotional wellbeing need and often lack age appropriate life skills
  • Behavioural issues for some pupils eligible for PP are preventing them from engaging in effective learning
  • Limited outdoor space
  • Lack of understanding by public re: behaviours
Intended spend and reasons
  • Individual pupil provision plans showing level of intervention required £500
  • Music Therapy to provide intervention into areas of high interest which impact communication skills and behaviours £760
  • Reflexology to ensure pupils’ health and well-being is supported £380
  • Horse-riding and animal grooming to increase posture and other Occupational Therapy targets  £1,890
  • Intensive Interaction Training for all staff  - to ensure staff are able to engage all pupils in learning £625
  • Maths and literacy interventions to ensure most appropriate strategies are used to exceed expectations for pupils £625
  • yoga to decrease in anxieties and behaviours; increased posture improvement and meeting other Occupational Therapy targets £855
  • street dance to decrease in anxieties, behaviours, physical wellbeing and exercise £800
  • art therapy to provide intervention into areas of high interest and which impact communication and behaviours £1225
  • Annual Pass to Blenheim Palace to foster parental support and engagement £30
  • Employment of Children and Young Person Lead in education to offer  information,  guidance and additional support to families including life skills for the pupil £1500
How you’ll measure the impact termly updates, monitoring and reviews with the people themselves and staff members/ external agencies

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