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This is where you can read stories and updates on what's happening at Endeavour. 

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  • Home-schooling online links and resources

    Published 31/03/20, by Michaela Soporova

    Please find attached a list of useful websites, blogs, activities and virtual tours handpicked by our team.

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  • Standing with Giants

    Published 12/11/20, by Sophie Hugo

    Remembrance Day at Blenheim Palace 

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  • Pub Trip

    Published 04/11/20, by
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  • Angel's Volcano Project

    Published 28/05/20, by Michaela Soporova

    We're really impressed with Angel's volcano project.


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  • External Meetings Cancelled

    Published 17/03/20, by

    Meetings cancelled.

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  • Coronavirus

    Published 02/03/20, by Michaela Soporova

    Information and advice on the Coronavirus  (COVID 19) 

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  • Free Visual Supports

    Published 24/01/20, by Kate Hopcraft

    Free visual supports are available on the website

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  • ASDAN Planning a Restaurant Trip

    Published 03/12/19, by Sophie Hugo

    Last Friday Circle class went to a restaurant. I walked to the restaurant with my friends. Some of my friends went in the car and one went on a bus. When we got there I chose where I would like to sit and who with. I ate a burger and it was delicious.

    Written by Isobel

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  • Having a fabulous time fund raising!

    Published 22/11/19, by Raul Corrales

    Selling our wares at Thame Craft Fair

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  • Come and join us!

    Published 11/10/19, by Sarah Roots

    Come and join us on the 16th October for some coffee, cake and crafting.

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  • Come and Join us!

    Published 11/10/19, by Michaela Soporova

    A relaxing morning where parents and carers can come and have a drink, a bite to eat and take part in some crafts

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  • The World's Biggest Coffee Morning

    Published 02/10/19, by Helen Cashman
    Endeavour Academy took part in the World’s Biggest Coffee morning on the afternoon of Friday 27th September. Each of the classes – Triangle, Square, Star and Circle took part and came along to the Hexagon Hub for a cake. As they came t
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