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  • Meeting the new baby!

    Published 05/12/18, by Michaela Soporova

    Meeting the new baby

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  • Helping our community

    Published 12/10/18, by Amanda Wallis

    Jamie and Amanda wrote a blog about their contribution to the community 

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  • Endeavour Academy the Most Inclusive Music Practice

    Published 25/09/18, by Michaela Soporova

    Endeavour students attended a Gala Awards 2018

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  • Music For Autism

    Published 19/09/18, by Michaela Soporova

    Another Amazing Visit 

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  • Summer Holiday at Endeavour House

    Published 30/08/18, by Michaela Soporova

    Holiday is awesome.

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  • See you in September

    Published 24/07/18, by Michaela Soporova

    We hope you will have a lovely Summer holiday. Enjoy the sun, ice creams, beaches, paddling pools or just chilling in front of the TV.

    We are really looking forward to seeing you all in September. 

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  • Annual Picnic at Thomley Hall

    Published 18/07/18, by Michaela Soporova

    Annual Picnic at Thomley Hall has  become a tradition, which we really enjoy. 

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  • Table Cricket Competition

    Published 05/07/18, by James McAvoy

    Table Cricket competition 

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  • Fun activities in the park

    Published 24/05/18, by Marcelle Peacock

    Students and staff in Triangle and Square classes had great fun in the park

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  • Triangle Class sand activities

    Published 17/05/18, by Marcelle Peacock

    Bringing Butlins to Endeavour

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  • School Council 13.05.2018

    Published 13/05/18, by Michaela Soporova

    Making decision for the next year.

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  • Let's Celebrate

    Published 04/05/18, by Cathy Clark

    Celebrating Jobs

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