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Endeavour Academy

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PE and Sports Premium

At Endeavour Academy the Sport Premium is used to support engagement of all primary aged pupils in accordance with DfE requirements.
At Endeavour Academy we acknowledge that healthy living is a necessary aspect of our education and therefore PE and Sports are promoted across all ages and to all pupils. Physical wellbeing is part of Endeavour Curriculum and is based on the providing learning intentions within healthy lifestyle. This allow us to build a foundation to a healthy physical development, healthy habits and active lifestyle that are so needed in adulthood.
The grant was used to provide: To ensure expertise and diversity within Sports activities and additional funding to support this is provided via Pupil Premium (please see a separate report)


Sports Premium


Funding Allocated What did we use it for Expected outcomes
£1000 Ongoing funding for an external PE teacher Increased confidence within PE activities. This year focus will be on group work and understanding of simple rules of team games.
Taking turns, communication and problem solving.
We expect that our pupils will start to participate in a small group sports.


Report 2018-2019

Funding Allocated Funding Spent What did we use it for What is the outcomes for our pupils
£1000 £1000 Purchase of qualified PE teacher on once a week basis We have purchased a PE coach from Oxford Academy. This provides pupils with wide range of activities and PE equipment. Increasing the experiences and baseline for further Sports interests.
During the 2018-2019 pupils experienced Babington, number of alternative games based on skills such as catching and throwing but also cooperation with others, team play but also healthy competition and curiosity.
The exposure to more advance PE sessions is leading to pupils seeking Sports games during the rest of the week.
Our pupils attended number of county events such as Cricket tournament and bell boating.

Impact example:
Pupil J has not been able to attend any sport group activities in the previous year. Since introducing a PE coach pupil