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After School Club (ASC)

After School Club (ASC)

Our students have the opportunity to access an extended school day at After School Club during the week and take part in activities focusing on improving their social skills, communication skills, basic life skills as well as independence.

Common activities in ASC are: cooking & baking, arts & crafts, music sessions, sensory sessions, shopping and accessing the community.
Every fortnight we have students from St. Edwards visiting us at the school. They bring different arts & crafts materials for us to use and share.

After School Club runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.00-6.00pm and is based in the main school building with access to the soft play area, the sensory room and P.E based activities.

All students are able to have an evening meal before leaving the club and they have the opportunity to choose the meals. The food is prepared and cooked by the students (if they choose to) with support from staff.

 The students’ access to After School Club is arranged through Social Care funding or directly through the families themselves. in addition to the learning benefits of ASC an extended days can be a much needed support for families and parents who have additional work and personal commitments.  

After School Club is overseen by the After School Club Coordinator who has the responsibility for planning, managing and leading sessions.

Please see our gallery for ASC photos.