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Endeavour Academy

MacIntyre Academies

New Interactive Device at Endeavour

New Interactive Floor

At Endeavour we are very excited to have an interactive floor available for students in the therapy room.

The interactive floor is an audio visual system that responds to large and small movements so is accessible for all of our students

This week we have made full use of a wide range of features available in the ‘sensory’ function that have seen our students engaged in the immersive, fun and motivating features. This includes ’swimming’ across rock pools to catch fish, ‘hatching’ chicks from eggs and ‘catching’ fairies across the night sky. Students can use their whole body to splat or scatter images and roll balls or throw beanbags to complete a task. Every student who has had access this week has been full engaged, really wonderful to see.

The students will move on to the ‘autism’ function at a later date where student specific programmes include working on personal organisation, motor skills, communication and social interaction.

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